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Cage Must Haves

This list is made as a guide to help you find or design a suitable cage to house your Rats. We don’t want to tell you what cage, brand or size you have to purchase since we realise everyone’s own personal taste has to be taken into account when purchasing or designing a cage.

Any Rat cage must :

We are by no means saying you have to go out and purchase the most expensive cage for your Rats but it is seen all too often that Rats are made to live in tiny aquariums(or mouse cages) with little to no ventilation or no room to play especially in pet shops giving the impression that Rats can live happily like this.

If you have Houdini Rats we suggest that you go to your local hardware store and purchase a roll of avery wire which normally has square holes measuring approx 1cmx1cm. Use this to cover and attach to your cage. The little Houdini will have his magic tricks stopped and you can stop worrying, this also works well for people that own cats. The size of the holes in the avery wire prevents a cat from getting their paw into the Rats home and possibly causing a life threatening injury to your Rats or your Rats chomping down on your cats paws.

If you have a cage that is all open wiring then it is important not to place the cage directly in front of the window, air conditioner or anything that will cause a cold draft possibly causing illness. If you place the cage against a wall or in the corner of a room this will provide not only protection from a cool draft but also some privacy. Be very careful about where you place your cage as Rats like curtains, bed sheets or anything else within reach to add to their bed. Rats are great problem solvers and like a challenge when one is presented to them, if they manage to reach your expensive curtains or other materials they feel that it is within their right to tug, rip, chew and finally leave you with holey (not the church going kind) furnishings.