Our Commitment

PRRR - Perth Rat Rescue & Rehab was founded in 2008 (The Chinese year of the RAT) in order to give abandoned Rats a "forever home". We thought we would make a small difference in a few Rats lives. We never thought there were as many Rats needing new homes, and thus needing our assistance as we have found out since we started the rescue.

We began by accepting animals that , due to a variety of reasons were needing new homes. What started out as a small difference has become a huge change in lifestyle for myself and my family. As we normally have quite a few animals needing our help we occasionally have had to foster animals to other temporary homes due to the number of surrendered rats being over that which we can personally care for and give attention to.

Since its inception in 2008, the number of animals that have needed PRRR to help them has continued to climb to over anything we originally expected. The amount of animals needing assistance has sometimes exceeded our financial, time and room abilities however we do what we can to secure these animals homes by letting others know of their situation and trying to directly rehome them into suitable homes.

One of our commitments to the animals in our care is that we will not euthanize healthy animals just so we can rescue more. The animals that have been surrendered to us will live within our family (or a foster family), be treated as one of our own rats until such time as they are offered a suitable forever home, if for any reason we are unable to find a suitable forever home we will continue to care for them for the rest of their natural lives.

All rescues will be cared for nutritionally, emotionally and medically (by a fully qualified vet experienced in Rats and Rat illness). We monitor any animals that come into our care for health, temperament, behavior issues and social status (especially if within a group). We try to re home these animals with families that will suit the animals needs first and foremost and then consider the potential owners wants second. We do notify the potential new owners of any illness, behaviors etc that we have seen which may cause a problems so that the potential family can consider if they feel they are equipped to deal with the possible problems in the future. We generally will not re home an ill animal unless we feel it is within the animals best interest and even then the animal will only be re homed with someone that we feel can fulfill the needs of the animal. The potential owner will also be made aware of any and all medical issues before being allowed to adopt the said animal.

PRRR does have a limit to the number of animals that we can properly care for at one time. This limit exists so that we do not over commit ourselves to the care of more animals than we can safely and fully care for, this includes medically, financially and emotionally. We cannot rescue ALL the troubled rats in W.A. but we have helped a large number so far and continue to make a small difference in these rats lives. We reserve the right to accept or NOT accept any Rats offered to us as "rescues". In the case where we cannot physically take in more rats we will make every effort to help you find suitable homes for your rats while you care for them at your own cost as well as you also looking for a suitable home for them outside of PRRR.

As of April 2009 we became a registered not-for-profit rescue. This means that all monetary donations made to PRRR (over $2.00) will be tax deductible. It also means that we are bound by our constitution and governing documents as well as by the Australian Taxation Office and other government departments to use the funds obtained by PRRR to further the benefit of animals in our care. We are unable to use the funds for anything else (including personal use) but the care and rehabilitation of animals surrendered to us.

Donations can be made via Direct Deposit into the PRRR Bank Account.

Details of accounts can be found HERE