Contact Details

There are multiple ways to contact

PRRR - Perth Rescue & Rehab.

Below you will find information in regards to our contact details.

Please note that we may not be able to reply to your email, call or letter straight away but we will endeavour to be in contact within 24 hours.

In Emergency situations where you need to get in touch with us quickly it is advisable to call us on our mobile number : 0439 784 326. Shoule we be unable to answer your call, please leave your details and a brief description of what the emergency is. - use this email address for correspondence relating to adopting from PRRR - Perth Rescue & Rehab. This includes questions regarding rats available or to let us know that you are seeking a rescue rat in the near future. - use this email address for correspondence relating to surrendering an animal(s). The email address is where any forms can be sent in regards to the surrender of an animal. Please note, a pre-surrender form needs to be sent to us being any surrenders will be considered. - use this email address for correspondence that doesn't fit into the above emails. Details of foods, bedding, litter, vet locations etc. - If you are wanting to assist in helping PRRR - Perth Rescue & Rehab then this is the email to contact us on. We occasionally require foster carers for our rescued animals. Foster carer forms can be sent to this email. - if you are wishing to become a sponsor for PRRR please contact us on this email for further details. - if you have products, services or funding that you would like to donate to our rescue please us this email to contact us. - this email is for entering any of our competitions on our Facebook page, forum or webpage. Please make sure that your details are enclosed in the email so we know who to contact if you should win.

Should you need to post anything to us then our post box details are (please note we do not check the PO Box everyday so any reply will be greatly delayed. Please email us if the situation is semi-urgent and let us know that you have posted a letter):

PRRR - Perth Rat Rescue & Rehab
Beechboro Post Office
PO Box 43,
Beechboro, WA, 6063

Although we do endeavour to get back to people quickly, sometimes things happen that are outside our control and we get behind in our replies as we also have other responsibilities.

We hope you understand that sometimes delays can't be helped.

We appreciate your understanding and patience.