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Pre-Surrender Form

The form below will to be emailed directly to If you wish to fill out the form offline, please click on the links above and then email completed forms to or post to -

PRRR - Perth Rat Rescue & Rehab
Beechboro Post Office
PO Box 43
Beechboro WA 6063

Prior to your animal being excepted into the rescue as a surrender. PRRR – Perth Rat Rescue & Rehab will us this form to assess if we have the right carer for your animal(s). By answering honestly you are assisting us in assessing if we can financially, emotionally and physically provide the proper level of care that the animals(s) require.

In the event the animal(s) are accepted into the care of PRRR – Perth Rat Rescue & Rehab, then we will require you to fill out a surrender form.

If however, we feel that PRRR – Perth Rat Rescue & Rehab cannot provide adequate care for you animal(s) at this time, we will endeavour to directly re home the said animal(s) where possible.

There is NO guarantee that by submitting this form, PRRR – Perth Rat Rescue & Rehab will be able to accept any potential surrendered animal(s) due to numerous internal factors beyond our control.




Suburb: Postcode: State:

Contact # Mobile: Home:


Have you surrender any animals to a rescue center prior to now?:

If YES, why?:

Do you breed Rats?:

If YES, why and what breed?:

Name of Rat:
Age of Rat (Years and Months) or D.O.B:
Colour : Sex:
If Female, could the rat be pregnant :
Current Health issues :
Previous Health Issues :

How does this Rat react to being handled (Biter, Afraid, Calm etc)?
Current living environment (Loud/Quiet, Other Animals, Kids, other rats etc)
Bedding and Litter currently used?
Are you surrendering with a cage? :
If YES, please provide cage make(if known)/size and description :

By submitting this form you agree that PRRR - Perth Rat Rescue & rehab can use this information ONLY to investigate the suitability of the animal(s) and person mentioned above for surrendering purposes.