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Adoption Request Form

Prior to completing this form, ensure you have first filled out a Expression of Interest form.

The form below will to be emailed directly to If you wish to fill out the form offline, please click on the links above and then email completed forms to or post to -

PRRR - Perth Rat Rescue & Rehab
Beechboro Post Office
PO Box 43
Beechboro WA 6063

One form per Rat is required.

This form must be completed before any adoptions will be finalised. Please complete all questions as honestly as possible, we may do background checks to be sure that our Rescued animals will go to “forever homes”. Please note that we will not allow mixed gender adoptions unless you can prove to us that you are the current owners of Male and Female Rats living in separated cages or that 1 gender have all been sterilised. We do encourage you to adopt 2 or more of the same gender of Rats as they are social animals and need the companionship of others while you are not there.

A compulsory donation per Rat (see web site for current pricing) is administered in order to help cover the cost of vet checks and other costs associated with the care and rehabilitation of the Rats at the rescue.



Suburb: Postcode: State:
Contact # Mobile: Home:

Vet clinic adopter will use? :

Have you previously used this clinic:

Where/How did you learn about PRRR (Facebook, Google, Friend etc)? :

Are you as the new owners willing to be contacted by Perth Rat Rescue & Rehab in the future?

Preferred method of contact: (email, mobile etc)

Do you agree to provide shelter, food, water, vet treatment and free range time with this animal?

If your Rat or Rats get sick do you agree to seek medical treatment from a qualified vet ?

If in the future you can no longer care and provide for this animal would you agree to consider contacting Perth Rat Rescue & Rehab and surrender the animal back to us free of charge?

Rescue name of animal:


By submitting this form online, you are agreeing to care for the Rat mentioned above for the remainder of his or her life. You will provide vet treatments when needed and provide a suitable living enclosure, food, water and free roam time everyday for the rest of his or her life. You are agreeing to the Perth Rat Rescue & Rehab contacting you in the future for follow up calls to check on the above mentioned Rat.

By submitting this form you agree that PRRR - Perth Rat Rescue & rehab can use this information ONLY to investigate the suitability of the animal(s) and person mentioned above for adoption purposes.